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We are Reliable and Trustworthy - Please give us a call @ 512-965-2304! 

Is your Pet Sitter spending enough time with your dog or cat? Too many times we have heard stories about the trust pet owners place in these individuals or pet care providers only to find out that they have not giving them the care and attention your pets need and deserve! If you ever wonder if similar events are happening to you and your pet, we encourage you to remove your doubts and place your pet in our care. You can genuinely think of us as the people who sincerely care about your best friend! 

Going out of town or on vacation? We have been providing House sitting and Pet sitting for the last few years with our services provided in Kyle & San Marcos & Buda & Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas. Please call to see if we service your area. We are able to House sit or Pet sit individually or at the same time. We also offer photography for your special family pet and other services are available upon request.
We can house sit (on a limited basis) or pet sit, or do both at the same time. It is our personal belief that it is stressful on an animal when their master goes out of town. We feel it is better for pets to stay at home in their own environment than to be boarded. 

Cats are especially sensitive when their owner's leave them because they will be kept in a cage at a boarder. We believe that it is just not fair to anyone's pet. Your pet will be much happier if they are safe at home! It is also a worry for the owners that their animals might do something destructive while not being supervised. 

Owners also might have concerns about their pets or their home being cased by a thief while they are away. To relieve those fears, someone coming and going, turning lights off and on, picking up mail, and newspapers gives your home an "Occupied" look and your pets will enjoy the company. We want to do our best to make sure your vacation is as pleasant as possible by taking the worry from you that things will be handled in your home as you would like them handled. It is also important for us to develop an environment of trust between us and your pets. We will treat your pets the way we treat ours, like family. We will also treat your home with the same respect.

Our services for dogs is feeding & watering and taking them on a 30-minute walk on a leash twice a day. If they are not leash trained, if not then we will spend time playing fetch with a ball or just spending time with them petting and loving on them.  For cats we feed & water and will change or scoop out the cat litter box. We will also spend quality time pampering them. We will also take care of other pets needs like Birds, Fish, Exotic animals etc. 

You will see, we are less expensive than most pet sitting and house sitting companies. Other pet sitting companies charge you extra for medications, holidays, to pick up pet waste, or EVEN to walk your dogs! We do not charge extra for multiple animals. Boarders will charge you per animal, like most other pet sitting companies. If you have multiple pets it can become very expensive for boarding them!

Before you leave we will come by and discuss the schedule and habits that your animals are used to, so we can duplicate the schedule your pets are already accustomed to. It is important to us that your pets are as happy and content with us as when you are at home! We will treat your pets the way you treat them, we understand they are not just animals, but small children in furry coats. 

Each of our visits includes either a 30-minute walk or playtime twice a day. Our fee is generally $40.00 a day for two visits and $50.00 per day for three if you are located within a 5-mile radius. $75.00 per day for house sitting. Depending on your location, special request for services, or additional travel time our prices may vary depending on mileage if your location is outside the 5-mile radius. We will quote a firm price when we visit. Please be prepared for at least a 30 minute visit to discuss all aspects of your pets care and to fill out paperwork. 

We have always been an animal lover and this is just another way for us to love more pets of the people who love them, while getting paid - it is a win/win proposition for us!

Choose carefully when you decide on a Pet sitter or House sitter, if they charge less, you might not get the quality service you deserve, a lot of people advertise pet sitting on Craig's list, but they are not an actual company or they are here one day and gone the next. You want to have a worry free House or Pet sitter. We have been doing this for over 10 years and we take our job very seriously. Do not take chances with your beloved pets and home! 

Please check out our website @ PETSITTERSFORHIRE.COM and call @ 512-965-2304 - We will respond right away! if you get our voice mail please leave a message and your call will be returned ASAP! :-) REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. 

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